SIMPLICITY: The boiler is designed & manufactured in such a way that it is very easy to operate and maintain without the help of very skilled person and specialized tools. Simple but reliable control systems have made it's function very easy.


Silent Features & Unique Features
Three pass fully wet back system
Operating Principle
Design And Construction

RELIABILITY: The superior design and quality construction of the ALKA BOILER assures reliable, trouble-free and long life service of the boilers.

SAFETY: the heavy construction and all flared & welded tubes designed along with safety valves & safe control systems provides the ultimate in safety available in steam boiler.

FAST HEAT-UP: The boiler requires less than 20 minutes to heat up to 100psi steam pressure from a cold start. This is a considerable time & fuel saver.

CONTROLS: All ALKA BOILERS are furnished with first line quality automatic controls to assure safe and fully automatic operation. All boilers are factory tested at operating conditions to meet the highest standards.






ALKA BOILERS are designed and constructed in accordance with BS2790 (BRITISH STANDARD). Boilers are also designed and manufactured as per other international codes in case of special requirements.

Boiler quality steel plate is used and strict quality control is enforced at every stage of construction. All longitudinal and circumferential seems are X-ray welded.



In a boiler with three pass wet back system, the flue gas get sufficient time and area to transfer it's maximum possible thermal energy without much loss.
Furnace combustion chamber, 2nd pass and 3rd pass tubes are completely immersed in water. Hence there are very little chance of losing thermal energy. Because it is fully wet back, so there is no requirement of heavy refractory at the back side.



The liquid fuel is being sprayed in to the furnace through a pressure jet burner. Air is supplied concentric to the fuel spray. The interplay of the fluid dynamic forces of the spray, air stream and the furnace gases cause a quick disintegration and atomization of the spray in to tiny droplets of 50 to 90 microns. The droplets receive heat from the furnace gases and quickly evaporate and burn. Specially designed baffle plates located in the burner firmly anchor the flame and ensure stability even at very low loads. The gases then passes through the smoke tubes, which increase convective heat transfer. In this unique design, the first pass of gases take place in the furnace itself and two & third pass in the smoke tubes.